Friday, November 5, 2010

Musical regrets

My friend Vicki, whose blog you should peruse if you're the video game-playing type, mentioned in a tweet and on said blog that she laments not seeing At The Drive-In live before the band famously imploded.

I, on the other hand, did.

But really, that's beside the point. This isn't to rub it in (more than I already have) that I saw one of the best live acts of the early aughts and she didn't*. Hell, she was just a teenager and I was in my concert-attending prime. The point is, reading her mentions of ATDI got me listening to some of their stuff again and searching for some live clips of the band. The below clip, which I remember taping to VHS, shows ATDI not long before the aforementioned implosion, but still in face-melting form.

So watch as At The Drive-In blows the roof off the Ed Sullivan Theater and the toupee off Letterman's dome. This one's for you, Vicki.

*My big musical regret: Not seeing Elliott Smith before it was too late. Especially a show he did at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa.


Vickipedia said...

My chest hurt reading this entry and my face got all contorted a la Linda Blair. Thanks. Not bitter at all.

Jim said...

Mission accomplished! Not really...that wasn't my intent.