Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top 10 of '11 (not to be)

I have compiled a list of my Top 10, 15 or 20 albums of the year on this here blog since 2006; this would have been the sixth consecutive year. But it was not to be. To arrive at my lists in years past, I often had listened to upwards of 25-30 albums that had been released in that calendar year. And not just "a" listen either. Most were probably given at least 3-5 full listen-throughs, and many in the 10-15 listens range. I got to listen to a fairly decent amount of new music each year. Well, not this year...

Having a job that has kept me busy and a daughter that went from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years old really put a damper on my music listening endeavors this past year. Priorities and shit. Well, I did manage to persevere and get some new music listened to -- just not enough to put a passable list together that I (and literally NO ONE else) might look back at a few years from now and feel comfortable with. That's not to say that music wasn't listened to. Oh, it was. Just not the latest and greatest that 2011 had to offer. To borrow a well-worn sports cliche -- there's always next year. Here are a few albums I DID get to listen to, and enjoy...in no particular order:

Radiohead -- The King of Limbs
Smith Westerns -- Dye it Blonde
PJ Harvey -- Let England Shake
Bon Iver -- Bon Iver
Fleet Foxes -- Helplessness Blues
TV on the Radio -- Nine Types of Light

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